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Improving LinkedIn profile
Helping members build their best LinkedIn profile by Skill Insights, Tagging Companies…
A lot has to be done specially around discovery and integration of this feature into the Linkedin Ecosystem.

Enabling two sidedness to allow mentors to also signup as mentee.More guidance around messaging best practices as well as how to drive conversation with mentors.
Retro & looking towards the future

Featured on the App store's Editorial tab with an editorial piece on LinkedIn Career Advice. Our consumer flagship app installs grew by +31% across international markets w/w, highlighted by high installs in Austria (+119%), Germany (+108%), and Turkey (+77%).
Product Impact
We launched globally in 23 Languages, with 1.8M users of the product exchanging advice. Biggest win has been the 198k monthly new messages initiated with 1 out of 2 members end up connecting. But a bigger impact on users and the value they get from LinkedIn- brand seen as very novel.
A large part of the design effort was to really understand the core areas and create a sustinable framework upon which we can build further. We started with a system to help with product discovery, educate members and then onboard to capture intent.
“ Our members expect a sophisticated matching process, with top-notch relevance and quality results from LinkedIn”
As a way to communicate my designs, I try to create interactive microinteractions using Principle or Origami to enhance the experience & add delight.
Desinging for micro-interactions
“ We started with minimal information but then learning from research our users wanted to know more about the person without leaving this experience”
We learned from our pilot launch, looked at the data and engagements reworked the userflow and decided to make some fast iterations.

We went through a lot of iterations on the recommendation cards with user’s profile data.
Card design iterations
First MVP Launch
Horizontal scrolling of cards is hard to discover so we will do a sneak animation of the next card
Delightful Hints
As a part of novice experience we  show confirmation/feedback in the first time experience
Modal Feedbacks
We allow our users to add a custom personalized note when they are indicating interest
Adding Custom Note
Knowing more about the person within the expanded card. Also card animates based on “Decline” and “Interested” actions
Expanding Cards & Action Behaviors
We went with an MVP approach of focusing on the core parts of the product that would be Onboarding + asking for intent, recommendation of people and helping them connect and converse. Fot this we did a Pilot of Career Advice in SF and Australia to learn and get feedback as well as optimize the flows.
Initial sketches and Ideas
UX Sucess Criterias
As we went about understanding more from our users what they look for in a mentorship/advice product, we started to put together a system to help us understand the big picture. It was important for me to come up with a journey map to help explain all the stakeholders and have a shared understanding and vision of the product.
Designing the System- Jouney map
“ We wanted to collaboratively take a step back and set our strategy. Part of it was to come up with a holistic vision of mentorship ecosystem in our consumer experience”
Research played a big role for us to help with needs finding and understanding what mentorship and advice means in LinkedIn’s context. We learned a lot from each round of research which informed our product in every possible manner. Below are all the research initiatives we have done for Career Advice.

👉  We started with Vision Critical Survey involving Linkedin users who indicated interest in mentorship or have mentorship on their profile.

👉 In-person contextual research with 10 particpants (equal mentors and mentees) for needs finding and early stage idea testing.

User calls with 20 pools of mentors and  mentees to understand their post pilot experience and pain points.

2nd round of in-person contextual inquiry with 10 users to test end-to-end experience.
Our research approach
People don’t know who would be a great mentor or advisor specially outside of their connections.

Of those that have or want to become a mentor, more than half are unsure of where to begin and more than one-third struggle with finding the right person.

To address this and make it easier for members to connect across the LinkedIn network with one another for lightweight mentorship opportunities, we want to introduce “Career Advice.”

What is the people problem?
Here is a look at the time of the project as we went about building it which give a better picture of our phased planning and launch.
Project timeline
As mentorship is an important part of developing and sustaining a satisfying career and improving your professional life, regardless of whether you’re a mentee or mentor.

We found that more than 80 percent of professionals on LinkedIn have stated they either want to have a mentor or be one to others, but have a hard time knowing where to start.

We aimed at creating a platform especially dedicated to foster these one-to-one conversations between our users around mentorship. On both sides, whatever your industry, whatever your questions Linkedin will give users a list of people that are interested to be reached out to answer questions.

We Want to Make It Faster & Easier to connect with people for mentorship opportunity
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A new way to help you find and connect with professionals for mentorship opportunities
Career Advice